Student life

Life spent as a student, is considered memorable and a turning point in formative years. At Westberry School, we believe that education systems need to aid in developing the 21st century skills required for children to successfully negotiate through life’s challenges. Hence, student life at Westberry goes beyond conventional academics and curriculum. We are convinced that extra-curricular programs are an important part of education and that there is as much learning beyond classrooms as there is within them. We offer the students a spectacular range of activities, events, workshops, courses and conferences to choose from, each of which is handpicked and vetted by our team of experts. Over the course of their life at Westberry, students discover and develop their genuine interests and talents by trying their hand at the wide range of activities that are offered.

Westberry fuels the desire to inculcate a lifelong habit of learning in students, imperative for holistic development. To fuel the seed of learning, the school constantly motivates the students to believe in the motto "Learning the treasure within."

Literary Activities

Right steps towards co-curricular activities can make a great difference. Westberry School, Tenali is committed to develop and hone the literary skills of the students right from the early years to their pre-university years. Apart from engaging in literary activities within the classroom, there are numerous post-school activities which students can engage in based on their interest.

Some of the literary activities offered include:

  • Read and rhyme an annual event, with an objective to enhance and encourage reading skills among children. Every child selects a book or reading material from fiction or non-fiction genres and reads it aloud in front of an audience.
  • Create-a-Disguise, Book Review and Report are events that help to enhance communication, presentation reading and comprehension skills, amongst the children.
  • Literary Week is a week-long festival to enhance the literary outlook of students. They are exposed to various activities like Story Telling Sessions, JAM Sessions, Elocution, etc., during the week.
  • Art and Cultural Arena

    Exposure to art and culture opens new dimensions in our personality. As part of the cultural activities, Westberry School promotes creative thinking and artistic expression. The students get an opportunity to showcase their skills in visual as well as performing arts through a variety of programs like competitions, festivals, workshops and shows. Not only does our art program nurture a passion for a specific art, it also inculcates an aesthetic sensibility and creativity in them.

    • Music: Westberry has a music curriculum which teaches vocal skills at the primary level and a choice of instruments from middle years to senior years. Students have a choice of guitar or keyboards.
    • Visual Art: Our Visual Arts program is comprehensive in its treatment of water colours, oil paints, textured and mixed media art forms
    • Founder's Day: The Founder's Day event is an annual cultural showcase of our students' abilities in dance, drama and music.

    Sports and Wellness

    Physical fitness shapes our attitude and physical health from a young age. At Westberry, we believe that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Hence, there is a continued focus on age-appropriate sports, physical exercise and health-enhancing lifestyles. The students undergo a structured physical education curriculum that not only hones their skill in a sport but also helps them pick up life skills such as attentiveness, respect, excellence, team building, conflict resolution, sharing, handling success and failure, decision making, appreciation, and the like.

    • Yoga: A healthy mind in a healthy body is the aim of our Yoga classes. It is taught in a fun and interesting way to the little ones.
    • Swimming: We at Westberry believe that swimming is an essential life skill. It is taught from Pre-primary to Grade V.
    • Individual Sports: Basketball, Cricket and Skating are offered as optional individual sports. Students can choose to specialize in any of these under our trained and experienced coaches.

    Trips and Expeditions

    Exposure to new perspectives, new areas and new people unfolds a new thought process. The philosophy of outward bound education as initiated by educator Kurt Hahn has been adopted enthusiastically at Westberry. We offer our students ample opportunities to learn skills like leadership, perseverance, survival skills, teamwork and responsibilities through multiple trips, like Learning Journey (Field Trip in and around Tenali), Educational Tour (outside Tenali) etc.

    • Learning Journey is related to their academics. The children here are taught in a practical method with field trips in and around Tenali. Our children have visited the Weaving Unit, Coca-cola factory in Mangalagiri, Sangam Milk Diary, Dal Mill, Nursery, Post Office, Park, Bank, Hospital etc.
    • Educational Tours are organized during holidays for the children. Each itinerary is curated by experts and ensures a strong learning outcome, closely integrated into the curriculum. Students have visited both popular and offbeat destinations as part of these tours.

    Community Service

    Giving back to the community and society is a philosophy deeply ingrained in the Westberry way of life. Our students, faculty and staff members never miss an opportunity to volunteer their resources and time to society. Our belief is that community service is learning by doing, experiencing, caring for members of the local and global community and demonstrating this by a personal commitment towards making a difference to the lives of others.

    We want our students to grow up to be successful and responsible members of society; to make meaningful contributions towards the development of economically deprived strata of our society. Instead of taking the theoretical approach to service leadership, we look for opportunities for our students to engage in hands-on community service. Following are some of the activities that they engage in each term:

    • Spoorthi: Under the Spoorthi umbrella, our students teach the children of Government School in Burripalem, which has been adopted by our Westberry School. Our students on visit the Government School on 1st & 3rd Saturday along with our Teachers and fruitfully engage in teaching activities like, Art & Craft, Yoga, Dance, Outdoor Games, etc., to the children. They also assist them with their lessons in English, Mathematics, Science and Social Sciences. This builds a lot of confidence among our Westberrians. We also provide these children (Govt. School), an opportunity to visit to our School and utilize the facilities, like Science Labs, Computer Lab and Outdoor facilities.
    • CAS or Creativity, Activity and Service: Westberry School has a strong CAS program which encourages students to take community service projects, and undertake CAS trips. Our students have contributed daily needs like Provisions (Dal, Rice, Oil, Wheat, etc) and Blankets to Old-age Homes. They have led awareness campaigns for various causes such as "Swachh Bharat", "Save the Girl Child", "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" and others.